Art Classes

In the Style Of...

Each fortnight we go deep on a different artist. We start the session with a mini art history lecture then start playing with different materials and techniques. All levels welcome.

Current Exhibition

Intimate Voyeur

Solo exhibition by Milly Morgan

22 August - Unknown, thanks COVID.

Exhibition Party: Sunday 22nd August 5-6.30pm Online

Image by Steve Johnson

Upcoming Events

Art stuff, social hangs, guest events

Fortnightly art classes, fortnightly life drawing sessions, board games, social dinners, workshops and guest events hosted by awesome local business and other fun stuff we have coming up.

We're always open to collabs and community building - if you want to work with us, or have us promote your stuff get in touch!

Art Classes
Intimate Online Exhibition Launch - Milly Morgan's First Solo Show
22 Aug, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm AEST
Live Streamed
Image by Stephen Johnson

Screw art as industry

We're here to connect

After running galleries in Paddington and Glebe in the mid-2000s I became very disenfranchised with the art industry. It was all designed to be inaccessible, way too expensive and the only art that got any attention was stuff that was designed to match people's couches. It was a scene that was all hype and no substance. I have spent my whole life wanting to run an art space that promoted art that actually meant something. That was art for the sake of art, not for the sake of interior design. Not that I'm saying that art shouldn't look good -  but I got very tired of it being all the colours that were "in fashion". Art isn't about being fashionable. It's about being able to connect with another person. It's about seeing something that you feel deep inside yourself reflected in the work of another person.

I believe that art is the most universal form of human connection, a language we can all access without words. We don't need to be educated, we don't need to be able to read, we just need to be able to experience. 

SenOpsis is about connecting people, building community, helping people find their people. It is a space for us to come together, to share the experience of being human, to enjoy original expression, and express yourself.

Come and hang out, show your stuff to the world, see how other people express themselves, find friends and enjoy yourself at our events. 

We can't wait to have you join us!

Image by "My Life Through A Lens"