Sen's Philosophy

Finding your people.


Whether we're running events, or putting on exhibitions, all of Sen's work is about connecting people, enabling meaningful communication and promoting authentic expression. We're here to build community, strengthen confidence, and connect you to your people.

Sen's philosophy is that all people have value and all people have something meaningful to contribute to the world, and a relationship. Those relationships don't have to be romantic, they can be friendships, complicated friendships, sexy partners, true love, shouting your barbaric yawp to the universe, and any form of human connection. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to live up to a cookie-cutter cultural standard of what culture dictates we should be. Gender norms, relationship roles, what art is and how we should express ourselves, that we forget to appreciate the beauty in the variety of expressions, connections and relationships that we have in our lives. Sen aims to connect people, to provide opportunities to find meaningful relationships, and show the world who you really are on the inside, however that might look.



Our social events focus on conversation and connection. They're about taking a moment to get to know someone and let the anxiety settle without judgement. We value individuality and kindness above all else. Our supported social events are designed to be inclusive, judgement-free and most importantly: fun.


Art isn't about being fashionable. It's about being able to connect with another person. It's about seeing something that you feel deep inside yourself reflected in the work of another person.

Art is the most universal form of human connection, a language we can all access without words. We don't need to be educated, we don't need to be able to read or speak the same language, we just need to be able to experience.


We are joining in the movement that takes art away from matching people's couches. It's not about turning creativity into a production machine for interior design. Our artists don't need degrees in fine art, or prior exhibiting experience (although some do), they just need to be original, to show their world in their own way.


Come along to an event! Your host is with you every step along the way so that you get the most out of the event and so that you feel supported and relaxed.


We're in this together after all!