Art for the Soul - Manda Rochester

Manda is one of those rare people who is intuitive, creative and talented at not only self-expression but helping others express as well. She is a qualified Counsellor and Creative Art Therapist with her own private practice in Newcastle. Manda is passionate about the power of creativity to awaken, empower, heal and transform. In her own art practice, she has explored art as a place to find freedom, courage and trust in herself and her intuition.

Manda has two dominant styles, both of which are based on play with colour. Acrylic pouring and Intuitive Painting.

Acrylic pouring - an eclectic mix of different techniques using fluid acrylics to create different effects of paints interacting with each other. This type of art relies on the artist giving up control over the outcome and experimenting with colours, shapes and textures.

Intuitive Painting is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice that develops our capacity to distinguish between our intuitive intelligence and our analytical or judging mind. It’s like meditating with paint - a tool to help you draw on the well of creativity that sits inside all of us. Intuitive painting is about letting go of fear or expectations to allow your painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and play.

Now, I know what people say about acrylic pouring - that it's easy and anyone with a creative bent can do it... but that doesn't apply to Manda. Her pour pieces are glorious. There's no other word for it. They make you stop in your tracks and drink them in. She made me a piece for my office and for months it sat in my dining room while we were waiting to move into the gallery, and everyone who came over gasped when they saw it. They have a glow to them that has to be seen in person to really understand what it feels like.

Her works are process paintings in the truest sense. She doesn't set out with a final product in mind - she feels her way through the layers on the canvas. She builds out each pain