Hardenbergia violacea x Amegilla cingulata (Bee)

by Creature Itch


Digital print with NFT


"There are actually eleven species of described blue-banded bees in Australia ranging in size from 8-14 mm. They are also known as long-tongued bees or buzz pollinators. Blue-banded bees tend toward blue and purple flowers, such as the "Happy Wanderer", Hardenbergia violacea.

Blue banded bees have been shown to increase agricultural yields when used in Australia in place of conventional pollination systems. This reduces reliance on importation of foreign bees, reducing the carbon footprint of the industry. 

The importance of bees globally in supporting bio-stability has been widely agreed on, and their numbers have been observed to be dropping over recent decades.

This image is unique and is digitally recorded as a non-fungible token (NFT) which is transferred to the owner on sale."

Hardenbergia violacea x Amegilla cingulata (Bee)

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