Superior Glamour 

by Angie Parkes


Pique Assiette Mosaic - pre-loved china & glass on a commercial form.

Size: 320 x 320mm

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"The juxtaposition of smashing and re-assembling hard & brittle pieces with the delicate and intricate designs on the original china is constantly in the forethought of my creative process. The idea for this pot began with a small broken vase… EYEBROWS! And a cute broken cream jug… a NOSE! And from there she began to grow a personality and a budding (no pun intended) relationship developed between her & I: She, a unique, whimsical, eclectic, emerging spirit and I … her slave! Flowers, handles, plates, cups, jugs, marbles, mirror… nothing is ‘off limits’.”

Superior Glamour

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