Real world assessment, feedback and support:

Sometimes there's only so much that talk can do to help. My private coaching sessions will help you build tools and give you things to practice so you have the skills and confidence to go out into the world - and then our Wingman Sessions can help you put all those good things into practice. 


Your Wingman Session will involve myself (Milly) and one of the Sen Team (usually Kathryn, Emily or Nik), and we go out on the town or out into a space where we can help you flirt, watch how you engage with people and give you real-time feedback on what is happening, help you read the situations around you and build up your confidence so you can get out into the world with ease.


The reason we have 2 wingleaders with you on the excursion is so that it doesn't look like you're on a date with one of us, so we don't hamper your chances of meeting people instead of helping. It's also so that we have an extra pair of sensitive eyes and ears helping on the night. 


Because these sessions take place around Newcastle we ask that you behave sensibly - this is not an opportunity to get blotto and hook up. Yes you can have a drink or two, but do not get drunk. 


We will choose venues and an excursion to suit you, your personality, demographic and the kinds of people you might want to meet and all three of us will have a night out on the town having a chat, having a laugh and putting your skills into practice.


This will be fun! Let's do this!


Before we start make sure you read the terms and conditions page so we can just jump straight into the good stuff. 

Wingman Session in the Field

GST Included
  • Tickets will be refunded in full if attendee cancels in writing more than 14 days before the first assessment. If the attendee cancels any further assessments they will be refunded proportionately the value of the remaining sessions. If the session times need to change and no alternative times can be found, the attendee will be refunded in full.